Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Barry Eisler's New Thriller Tells of U.S. Torture Program

Barry Eisler's new novel, Inside Out, is being released in stores today. An excerpt from the novel was posted at Truthout the other day, under the title, "The New National Security State."

The publication of Inside Out is a big deal, because until now, no one has taken the headlines surrounding the Bush/Cheney/CIA torture scandal and made them the subject of memorable fiction. The book itself has an impressive bibliography, showing the amount of research that went into the tale of black ops special forces officer, Ben Treven, called upon to track down a former colleague who has stolen dozens of CIA torture videotapes and is blackmailing the U.S. government, lest he release them to a shocked world.

Eisler is known for his intelligent thrillers, and especially his John Rain series. With Inside Out he continues his move in a new direction, towards an examination of the oligarchy that runs the United States, and has in the name of national security, engaged in torture and other crimes.

Barry writes:
Inside Out is dedicated to the bloggers—the independent sleuths who are after the truth, not a pat on the head from the White House; who have a passion for change, not "a vested interest in keeping things pretty much the way they are;" who serve the people, not the powerful. Much of the information and insight upon which Inside Out is based was developed by bloggers and other independents; it's fitting, therefore, that the Inside Out book tour thank them for what they do. So I'm proud to announce that my Bay Area, Los Angeles, DC, and New York City events are not just book signings, but also fundraisers for AlterNet, Firedoglake, GRITtv, and Truthout, three superb sources of independent political news and opinion.
The book signing schedule this summer for Inside Out can be accessed here.

Tune in (or what does one say in the era of the Internet) to the Firedoglake Book Salon, this Saturday, July 3, 5pm EDT/2pm PDT, to chat with Barry Eisler and myself about the thin line between fiction and truth on torture, on disappeared prisoners and black-site prisons, and more.

Support your local left-wing writer, and get a hell-of-a-read in the bargain.

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