Wednesday, January 6, 2010

George Carlin on Airport Security & "Terrorists"

H/T to kgosztola, who placed the YouTube routine in the middle of his excellent diary at FDL's The Seminal, He Tried to Blow Up the Plane with a Condom Bomb & Why Getting Hysterical About Airport Security is Wrong.
Sheer hysteria or the illusion of hysteria dominates the conversation in the media right now.

The public is being subject to fear that those in power hope will trickle-down and influence Americans as they continue to grapple with the thought that a bomber carried explosives in his underwear on to an airplane....

Pick out the stories that you think have and have not happened since the underwear bomber failed to bring down America with his condom bomb of mass destruction:

-Joan Rivers deemed a danger to national security, a man detained on a plane for unruly behavior or spending too much time in the bathroom

-A German family’s vacation canceled after the father in the family joked about having explosives in his underwear

-An airport in Newark shut down after a man wandered the wrong way through a checkpoint

-A man late for his flight opts to take all of his clothes off and go through security nude to hopefully ensure that he won’t be subject to a gratuitous search that will lead him to miss his flight or be stalled by a Nigerian or Muslim in line in front of him

-And, a California airport experiences a scare as five Gatorade bottles carrying honey are discovered and the bag the contents are being carried in test positive for TNT and two TSA agents open one of the bottles and become nauseated from the fumes and are both treated and released from a local hospital.
See also Tom Tomorrow's Underpants of Mass Destruction. (H/T ratfood) 
Additional wars are casually discussed!

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