Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Invictus Honored as One of Top 50 Human Rights Blogs

I was flattered when the relatively new website, e-Justice, included this blog in a list of "the top 50 Human Rights blogs" posted earlier today. Included in their list are blogs dedicated to Civil Liberties (ACLU Blog of Rights, the Committee to Protect Journalists Blog, Progressive Liberty Blog, etc.), and eight other categories, including Capital Punishment, Child-Focused Blogs, International Outreach, General Ideology, Religion, Whistleblowers, Politics, and Miscellaneous.

I'm honored to have my blog included in e-Justice's compilation. For a full list of all the human rights blogs, go to their website.

But the lists don't stop there. e-Justice has compiled other lists of important sites and links, including 50 Ways to Protect Your Anonymity Online and Off, 100 Free DIY Legal Resources on the Web, and Top 50 Homeland Security Blogs.

Each listing in their compilations contains a capsule description of what the blogs offer. Happy hunting, surfers! And best of luck to the folks at e-Justice in their new enterprise.


Sheilanagig said...

Well congratulations!

I enjoy your blog and the obvious effort you put into it. You have many good sources here.

I will try and catch a few more of your blogs on the links you posted.

It's been a pleasure to follow your blog.

Tahoe said...

Hi, Valtin,

What a lovely coup for you! That is so nice and such a compliment.

Other news! Last night, by happenstance and because it pertained to something written by John Conyers (I blog on his site and have for a long time -- disgust is not the word), I was at After Downing Street here. It so happens that DS commented at that time and I responded, challenging him (actually, it was my fault because I misunderstood him, but then, I don't know his style at all, since I visit there infrequently. How to make friends or enemies quick!). Anyway, he responded back to me and I responded back and, again, I mentioned your article. He responded back (a little cockily in my opinion), I responded further and I believe all is well. As you will note, he is more than aware of your article. What he will do with it? Who knows! Maybe, if he doesn't publish it on AfterDowningStreet, he might elsewhere -- he has his hands in many pots from what I know. Scroll down from Conyers' lengthy scribe at what appears to be a CYA for not pursuing impeachment. You will then see the comments.

Congratulations, again!

Tahoe said...

P.S. I mentioned the above about DS just in case you do, in fact, speak with him Friday (I think it is) and he mentions a "nag." LOL!

Valtin said...


Thanks for your nice words and support. They mean a lot to me.

Valtin said...


I appreciate your dogging Swanson and everyone else on the AFM. I also appreciate the fantastic blogs and links you lead me to. It will take awhile for me to assimilate them, and the work of so many good people I need to know better (I'm thinking here of the uswarcrimes website).

Conyers apologia is a classic. It deserves wide distribution. Conyers speaks out of both sides of his mouth with a facility that bespeaks his years of political horse-trading and water-carrying for the Democrats, who, if my memory serves me, have done almost nothing for the common man, woman or child in my middle-aged lifetime. And for the people of countries like Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Columbia, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc., they have done less than nothing.

GOP and Democrats are cousins under the skin. The few disagreements are well known, but in the end, they cover for each other, and the pig-riot of corruption and imperialist hubris continues unabated.

Valtin said...

Also Tahoe, given your work with the ACLU on the AFM story, you should read this at the ACLU Blog of Rights: "Appendix M and the Torture Quagmire" (URL: http://blog.aclu.org/2009/01/09/appendix-m-and-the-torture-quagmire/)

It's quite favorable.

Tahoe said...

Hi, Valtin,

It worked - yay! That's terrific and the ACLU wasted no time on picking up on your article. Wunderbar!

Perhaps, I should write Amrit Singh a quick note that the blog item was duly noted, etc. What do you think?

I had been thinking of writing Cong. Wexler, as well. Well, this a.m., I received one of his e-mail broadcasts, wherein he speaks of ENDING the torture. So, it was perfect, I wrote back thanking him for all that he does, Kucinich and a few others do and called his attention to your article, and urged him to read it carefully and call it to the attention of the House.

As to Conyers, Rusty1776, Woverine06, Frosted Flake, Alma and I had all been bloggers from back in early 2005, on his site, helping, actually input, the materials for his book "The Constitution in Crisis!" Ultimately, of course, he, in essence, "betrayed" us and our faith in him. At one time, he had well over a hundred bloggers and now there are only about three or four. Most everyone left his site or got kicked off. I still go there occasionally, as do a couple of others, but usually it's to chide him (others do far worse) -- he's taking a beating on his own website -- so be it!


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