Tuesday, July 15, 2008

On the Siberian Railroad

No, I'm not actually taking the Trans-Siberian Railway (maybe someday), but I am going to take a few days off from blogging. It's hard to break away, especially when it seems so much is going on.

There's John Conyer's continued refusal to support any attempt of impeachment of Bush, even as he allows Kucinich a committee hearing to "discuss" it.

There's Jane Mayer's interview at NPR's Fresh Air, where she repeats the "false confessions" mythology about the creation of U.S. torture that I addressed last week in my review of a Scott Shane story at the New York Times. Despite that, the rest of the interview is quite interesting.

There was my exchange with Sen. Levin over at firedoglake, where he addressed my insistence that the timeline on the SERE torture issue be moved back to Dec. 2001. The relevant documents were still "classified", and he seemed lackadaisical about getting them unclassified. But you read the exchange (they are in the comments section of the "liveblog") and see what you think. He certainly saw the issue I raised important enough to respond to.

For those looking for the latest in the fight against torture, you can go and check out the good folks at NeverInOurNames.com, who have started up blogging again after an absence of some months.

See you soon.

1 comment:

Mentarch said...

Yes - I *finally* found your blog, Valtin. I put it immediately in my "favorites" blogroll.

Keep on rollin'!


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