Thursday, May 10, 2007

Video: What If You Were Imprisoned at Gitmo? (Viewer Advisory: Strong, Graphic Images)

Stephen Soldz found an amazing, if shocking, video that recreates the experience of being imprisoned and abused at Guantanamo prison. I'll let him explain it:

British Channel 4 TV took seven volunteers and subjected them for 48 hours to the tactics authorized for use at Guantanamo. Quite chilling. It took only 10 hours for the first volunteer to be removed due to the severe trauma he underwent. Only four of the seven survived 48 hours of hell. Many of the Guantanamo detainees have been there over four years: 35,040 hours, 730 times as long. If we do not help them, they may spend the rest of their lives there. Everyone, including all APA members, should watch this.


spoon or no spoon said...

I want to volunteer to take somebody's place. They let someone go, I stay.

Valtin said...

Very brave of you, spoon or no spoon. I'll admit that even thinking of what goes on there makes me scared.

I want them to close the whole place down.

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